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5 Ways to Get Pumped Before a Big Game

5 Ways to Get Pumped Before a Big Game

DYLAN was made for sport and to celebrate the launch of DYLAN V2, we’ve put together the top 5 ways we like to get in the zone before a big game.

1. Rest Up

First things first. Getting plenty of rest the night before a big game day is very important in staying motivated and performing well.

2. Give yourself a pep-talk

Be your own hype man, champion yourself and create momentum to do well.

3. Press Play

Latest tracks or classic bangers, anything that gets you hyped ~ play it loud. Find all our favourites here.

4. Routine

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Everything that makes you physically and mentally in the zone before a big game ~ do it and do it every time.

5. Visualise Success

Get your head in the game. Mentally rehearse yourself swishing every shot, scoring a goal, beating your personal best.

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