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Binge Watching with your Blue Light Blockers

Binge Watching with your Blue Light Blockers

Let’s talk about how we’re all binge watching our screens and not ashamed of it, either.

First of all, kudos to you all for ridding the guilt that can sometimes be surrounded with sitting staring aimlessly at a screen for hours on end.
Secondly, have you considered protecting your eyes?

Whether it’s Netflix/Stan/Binge you’re streaming, Instagram/Facebook you’re scrolling or just the endless ZOOM calls we’re now calling our norm, the one thing these platforms all have in common is a big, bright, sometimes overwhelming screen.

We’re certainly not saying stop with the screens altogether, however we’re simply saying take precautions.
Watch your favourite show with the comfort of knowing that SODA has considered the health of your eyes.

Prolonged screen time can cause issues such as eye strain, headaches, interrupted sleep cycles, neck and shoulder pain and blurred vision… all the things we would rather you avoid.

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Let us re-introduce you to; FRANKLIN. Our blue light blockers have considered that harsh light that comes off the screen for you and let you reap all the benefits.


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