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Care Guide

Care Guide

We want you to have your shades as long as you possibly can. Keep reading as we share our top 5 tips with you on how to care for your shades & SODA can. 

1. Clean properly.

The best way to prevent scratching your new shades is to clean them with a soft cloth. Every order comes with a soft case that doubles as a cleaning cloth – found at the bottom of the can. A soft cloth will help you remove any dirt or smudges without causing damage. 

2. Avoid wearing your shades on top of your head. 

We’re all guilty of this, but it can be damaging to your shades. When you wear your sunglasses on top of your head, this can damage & distort their shape, or stretch out the arms of your shades – our simple solution for this is a trusty chain. 

3. Always use a case. 

Store your shades with care. We always keep ours in a case – hard or soft. Each of our shades come with a soft case, but for those SODA fans with multiple SODA cans, place them back in the can for storage. 

4. Avoid leaving shades in extreme heat. 

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Never leave your shades in or on the dash of your car during the day. Exposing them to excessive heat may distort their frame and lens. 

5. Wash SODA can in cold water. 

Lastly, a very important tip for your can. Always wash in cold water and avoid the dishwasher – it’s not a friend of the can and will damage and distort its shape. When making our SODA packaging we wanted it to be something you could repurpose – so follow this tip and let your can live as long as your shades. 

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