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Dearna Eaton

Dearna Eaton

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All things Summer captured on film – we’re so excited for you to meet Dearna Eaton, photographer and creative.

Who/What/Where Inspires you to create?

My inspirations come from nature and in particular the ocean holds a strong place in my heart and soul! I find myself visioning all my shoots here, also being able to see new places and be around other likeminded creatives is so inspiring and motivating.

What brands do you admire?

I love brands that are always pushing the limits to creativity with their product and campaigns, but most importantly I admire a brand that are doing their part in becoming (or are) sustainable, one that looks beyond making profit and has other values, like their environmental impact and giving back.

Most unusual day at work.

I have to say I haven’t had a very “unusual” day at work, every day is so different. I’m sure this day is coming soon though haha!

Best day at work.

Best day at work would have to be when I am out on set, bringing creative ideas to life & working with likeminded creatives. I actually had a shoot not long ago for a swimwear brand, which now I have made life long friends with the owner, model and stylist!!

Biggest pinch yourself moment.

So far would probably be knowing I started my page as more of a hobby and now it’s my job – how goods doing what you love every day!

What is the best advice you can give a creative wanting to start their journey?

My best advice would be, work HARD and just go for it! Consistency is key, this industry feels like it’s only getting harder so you have to believe in yourself, keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it! Network as much as you can and make sure you enjoy every single opportunity you get.

Travel destination at the top of your list?

Ahhh when I get asked this I usually don’t have an answer, would be a dream to visit ANYWHERE, when we can.. I want to travel the world! Thanks covid x

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Although I think at heart I’m an island gal. Take me anywhere tropical and I will be in my element. I could be on a deserted island with nothing but palm trees and blue water and I’ll find allll the inspiration. If I had to choose, I only dream of visiting the Maldives! I would love to sail around those islands, definitely on the top of my bucket list.

When creating for a brand, what’s your favourite part?

100% the creative freedom – when brand trusts your vision and let you have full creative freedom, it can be really rewarding and the end result is usually a lot better ahah! Of course the amazing new people that you get to meet every time, that bring new ideas and we can all flow off each other is so fun.

Find Dearna on IG: @filesby.d

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