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Elle Abignano

Elle Abignano

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All that is fun, relatable SODA ~ captured in these images. We’d like to introduce Elle Abignano, a Sydney-based film photographer & graphic designer.

What/who/where inspires you to create?

Surrounding myself with creative people is how I stay inspired – me and my partner in crime Alice, have a little side hustle called ‘AND’ (IG @andwemeetagain) – here we share our love for photography (in particular film photography).

I’m also really inspired by the natural landscape around me – always finding myself envisaging photo shoots and concepts here!

What brands do you admire?

Wow there are too many! But overall I love brands that eliminate boundaries and push creativity. A lot of clothing brands tickle my fancy…Barcelona based brand Paloma Wool are doing awesome things! As well as Rosie Assoulin…I guess I like it when brands think out of the box, it’s always refreshing to see! I also love the brand ‘Dore’ – by Garance Dore. Her blog and creative space offers a lot of room for self reflection and curiosity. Also have to throw in ‘Sirena’, the canned tuna brand. Delicious tuna.

Most unusual day at work?

When I’m not behind the lens, I work as a graphic designer! An unusual day was quite recently when I had to photoshop an American DJ’s face onto a banana…

Best day at work?

When I’m out creating behind the lens – particularly a recent shoot with a best friend down the south coast. It involved packing up our little car with too many crazy outfits, dining chairs, a lamp and a rug and stopping off at beautiful shoot locations that we spotted along the way

Biggest pinch yourself moment?

Being contacted by Soda Shades to create some fun content! Pretty darn cool

What is the best advice you can give a creative wanting to start their journey?

My best bit of advice would be to never give up! The creative industry is tough and you need to have a lot of drive to get where you want to be. Also, remember to back yourself…this is such an important thing I’ve learnt and am still trying to get better at doing!!

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Travel destination at the top of your list?

Istanbul, Turkey! One of my great friends, Selin, lives here whom I met on exchange in London in 2018! We are both creative souls and always have a film camera in hand and I’m so itching to travel over there and create with her! We recently did a webcam photoshoot over zoom whilst in lockdown. It was Covid themed, and featured props such as gloves and face masks. I think the time in isolation, whilst challenging, was also a great opportunity to create in different ways!

When creating for a brand, what’s your favourite part?

One of my favourite parts would be the conceptualising process. I love getting to know a brand, and working out how they can be elevated creatively.

Find Elle on IG: @elle.abignano

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