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Elle & Charlotte

Elle & Charlotte

Elle & Charlotte have been hanging out with us at SODA for a while now, so we were very excited when they joined us at our SODA SHADES X BILLABONG shoot.

What was your favourite part of the shoot?

Elle: My favourite part of the shoot was making new friends and being involved in a campaign which is inclusive and relevant to women of all ages, looks and sizes. I honestly felt happy and at home.

Charlotte: My favourite part of the shoot has got to be both being able to meet everyone & make new friends as well as getting a peak at the new range!!

What does ‘born to be real not perfect’ mean to you?

Elle: For me it means that we are all enough and worthy. Each and every woman should be comfortable and happy within themselves without needing to fit a mould.

Who inspires you?

Elle: I am inspired by women who show strength and tenacity. Women who are inclusive and respectful. The three women who inspire me most are Steph Claire Smith, Moana Hope and my mum. All three women are Boss Babes who inspire and motivate others to be the best version of themselves possible.

Charlotte: My biggest inspiration is my family, I see how hard they word for everything they do & I dream of being as passionate about the things I do when I’m older.

What’s your favourite mantra to help you stay positive?

Elle: “I don’t break, I bend.”. This mantra reminds me that I am flexible, adaptable, and unshakeable in the face of any situation. My strength and belief in myself will get me through.

Charlotte: I have a few but the main one that I’ve always known since I was a kid is that everything happens for a reason, meaning everything that has happened both good and the bad has carried you to where you are today.

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