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Meet our mates

Meet our mates


A weekend in Byron Bay has never looked (or felt) so good. After months in lockdown, we sent our Sydney team of Sam Evans, Tilly Smith & Ned Simes to Byron Bay with 5 of the funnest SODA talent we’ve ever had on set.

Their task: Capture the new campaign for Brooklyn & Bambi but have a whole lot of fun while doing it. Safe to say they saw all the sights, experienced some great waves & windy, Byron-style roads and caught a few epic waves.

Let’s get to know them all a bit better!

Which is your favourite pair? Brooklyn or Bambi?

Everyone: Tort Bambi! But they didn’t get to see the Orange…

What was your favourite scene from the shoot in Byron?

Mietta: So hard to choose as every aspect of it was a dream! I loved the beach hands, driving around in the Combi listening to 70s music, riding bikes through the back streets and the sunset beach bonfire. Photoshoots don’t get much better than this one!

Josh: A tie between the Combi-Van scene and beach day at Tallows.

Maddy: The sunset bonfire can’t be topped! It honestly didn’t feel like we were shooting at all. It was so beautiful and we had so much fun hanging out and playing games.

Jord: 100% the fire scene! Nothing better than setting up shop at sunset on the beach with a flame!

Raquel: Whites Beach was epic – I’m always happiest when shooting by the ocean.

Funniest moment on set?

Mietta: More scary than funny but watching Sam scale a cliff to rescue his drone from a pandanus tree… but the victory arm in the air when he got it was legendary!

Josh: Sam flying his drone into a tree!

Maddy: Definitely watching Raquel turn her marshmallow to charcoal while she was trying to get advise off everyone on how to cook it perfectly.

Jord: Some serious BTS action with the hose. Hope that made the footage!

Raquel: Combi van sing-a-longs with the team.

Next place you can’t wait to wear Brooklyn/Bambi?

Mietta: The lighthouse walk in Byron. I love that all the SODA Shades are polarised so you can see the whales and dolphins even more clearly.

Josh: The beach of course!

Maddy: Can’t wait to wear them on my Christmas/NYE Vacay.

Jord: Surely a music festival! Haven’t craved a good festy with mates this much in a while. A good send is just what’s needed!

Raquel: To the beach this coming Spring/Summer season.

What are you looking forward to this Summer?

Mietta: Surfing and lots of time in nature.

Josh: Being able to see my family an friends once restrictions ease back home in Victoria ?

Maddy: The sun setting later, spending some much needed time with my family and friends and hosting a few too many barbecues.

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Jord: SUMMER BEACH DAYZ! Sun, surf and pooches with a couple of cheeky sleeps on the beach. Also trying to work out how to get a tan when I’ll be spending all my time in the shade ?

Raquel: Longer days, sun-kissed skin and spending my days off with my friends and family. Summer is also the season where I have the privilege to shoot a lot at the beach so it’s my favourite time to work and go on different adventures.

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