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Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew

We know the last few Summers have been a little different but we want to make this one special. To kick off, we checked into The Mysa Motel to shoot our latest ‘Summer’s Calling’ campaign. The brief was simple – dance, celebrate and enjoy a hot Summers day and with the best bunch of talent, this was easy. 

Let’s get to know the crew a bit better!

You recently joined the SODA family on the latest SS21 campaign. How did you find the shoot?  

Jake: It truly felt like an afternoon with mates from being thrown into the pool by Andy, to getting into horoscopes with Jamps (Saltywings) and Summer. It was an all-round great experience and even walked away with a couple pairs of sunnies which is a bonus.

Audrey: The shoot was beyond great, amazing is an understatement! Being on set was one of the most professionally strategised environments to be in as well as it being the upmost fun. There were smiles and laughter all day and I couldn’t be more happy with how the day turned out. Everybody was open and honest and that allowed us all to work together in order to execute a killer shoot!

Andy: The shoot was incredible! It’s amazing to see how Soda Shades have brought people from all corners of Australia to this one brand that brings all specialties together to create their products and produce these campaigns. The family, the product and creativity behind this crew made the shoot an absolute joy.

Summer: The shoot was incredible, I had such a fun day hanging with all the people on set and wearing and shooting all of the amazing Soda Shades.

Monica: I was so pleased to be a part of the latest SODA shoot. It will forever be one of the best shoots I’ve ever been a part of. A full day in the sun, hanging by the pool with the amazing SODA team, a dream shoot!

Next place you can’t wait to wear SODA?

Jake: I cannot wait to wear my shades to The Grass is Greener in Cairns next month. I love the edgy and alternative look of some of the styles which makes for perfect festival eyewear.

Audrey: EVERYWHERE! They’re in my handbag now as a staple item for as soon as I step outside of the door! The beach is definitely my first destination!

Andy: Me and the boys are heading up to Airlie Beach shortly and I’ve heard the UV up there is magnified extensively. Will definitely have Soda tan lines.

Summer: Hamilton Island in the summer time!

Monica: Everywhere! I can’t wait to look stylish everywhere I go. I’m going to wear my shades until they fall apart.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Jake: Summer means surfing without a wetsuit, missions to waterfalls and days at the beach. I’m also looking forward to the Surf Life Saving season starting to get underway with some racing.

Audrey: Beautiful sun and knowing I can lie happily in it without worrying about damaging my eyes because I have the best polarised sunnies in town!!

Andy: The opportunity to get closer with my friends, especially the ones interstate. These times have made it extremely difficult to see close friends far away and it’s made you really cherish the time you have with them.

Summer: Spending summer at the beach and by the pool everyday with friends, going on road trips and spending time with my family.

Monica: Ocean dips and stone fruit.

Do you have a playlist or song that reminds you of summer?

Jake: The ultimate summer song is without a doubt ‘Brazil’ – Declan McKenna. I also have a go to playlist called “Major Vibeskies”

Audrey: I have quite a few playlists all with amazing tunes but my current summer favourite would be “new again” from Kanye’s new album, DONDA!

Andy: I do, on spotify I’ve named it “summer thurf”

Summer: A song that reminds me of Summer is YOSEMITE by Travis Scott.

Monica: No playlist or song. The radio reminds me of summer!

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