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Sunday with Benny

Sunday with Benny

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What a pleasure shooting with the legendary & extremely talented Benny Turland it was! Known well for his role as Hendrix on Neighbours, we were lucky enough to steal him away for a weekend in front of the SODA lens to play the leading role of Sonny in our latest campaign. A talent to watch, we can’t wait to see this guy do HUGE things!

You recently joined the SODA family on the latest Young, Wild & Free campaign. How did you find the shoot? 

What a beautiful company. I was blown away with the team work and the trust they have in each other. As an artist it makes my job a whole lot easier to get creative and get in the zone when the environment is pure. From the direction in a scene or shot to the whole vibe of the 3 day shoot, it was clear, organised and well prepared. So nice to see in a company! Ideas were flowing from myself and the creative team and I don’t think there was one idea or thought that wasn’t listened to.

Do you have any cool facts about yourself or anything in particular you’d like mentioned?

As much a modelling is about how you look and the way you portray an item, I think the real beauty & art comes from the story telling (in this case). For me being a model is the same as acting, just without the dialogue. It was easier for me to “model” when I had a character to portray.

So rather me modelling for the sunnies, it was the just the character on a road trip wearing his favourite pair of shades!

Do you have a epic playlist you’ve made which sums you up?

My music choice is very bipolar. I go from listening to hip hop to listening to classical. All depends what I’m trying to achieve whilst listening to music. What bpm is my heart rate at right now kinda thing.

I have a playlist called “for the soul” for the peaceful, grateful moments and another called “let it slap” when I’m getting hype for something!

What are your favourite pair of SODA’s?

I’d definitely have to say the new Sonny style! Suits my head shape and just bloody comfy lol

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

A lot of my inspirations come from music or an artist, based on their character & charisma.


Michael Jackson

Chris brown

Stevie wonder

Bob fosse

Fred Astaire

Hugh Jackman

Jim Carey

Robin Williams

But for human qualities, I’d say my family and close friends.

Name a go-to Sunday activity for you?

Anything to do with the ocean, a few great people and a couple of beers.

Instagram feeds you love right now?

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Its all about the vibe and the art behind Instagram for me, or genuine human connection.

I love Justin Biebers Instagram lately because it not really about him. The positivity is beautiful. Sam Evans feed is always on point and something that inspires me to get out there and make some art. Russel brand is a huge Inspo for me and I often learn a lot whilst visiting his feed.

The last time you thought I’d love to shoot that?

When the SODA team came to me with this idea lol

If someone comes to me with an idea that is character based or storyline based than it will usually make me excited. Or any film that I watch I often tend to let my imagination go crazy with ideas.

The last time you thought I’d love to shoot there?

During isolation I think I wanted to shoot anywhere other than my home lol but I’d love to shoot in places that no one has been before, like parts of Alaska or Greenland or even in Aus.

The last time person you thought I’d love to shoot with?

For me I just want to be given opportunities to work with multiple brands and multiple people. Different directors, models, actors, companies, whatever. That’s a hard one because there’s so many people I’d love to work with.

Vibes, ideas, brands anything you’d like to add…. 

If you’re a model reading this, get your ass to an acting class! Or if you’re not a model and you’re reading this, get your ass to an acting class!

Creativity flows most when you are open to anything. Never say no to an idea, always adapt and think from it. By saying no you a closing off creativity for yourself and others. Be prepared but not too prepared. Sometimes there’s moments and ideas that flow from basic chemistry and energy. Listen to your emotions because that’s how you will connect with an audience.

Find Benny on IG: @benjaminturland

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