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Sunday with Tash

Sunday with Tash

Another afternoon on the Sydney shoreline – this week we were very excited to spend it with Tash, while she rocked the perfect mix of OG and some very new (unreleased) shades.

Shot by: @nedyo 

Favourite SODA’s?

Tash: The Montana’s. Duh…


Tash: Sydney

Typical Day in the life of Tash?

Tash: Hahaha there is honestly never a dull moment. I’m doing a few different things at the moment; part time modelling, studying my Cert 3&4 in Fitness and building a start up, O.W.N, a community wellness platform. My days are taken up my a combination of these 3 activities.

I do have a little morning ritual that kicks off everyday and I think it’s important we all cultivate some type of ritual to start our day in the strongest way.

I get up, make my bed, make a cup of tea and sit with a book or a podcast. When I have completed this, I’m free to start whatever chores I need to do before I head off into the day.

Next travel destination on your list?

Tash: Definitely has to be South East Asia. I’ve fallen in love with their culture, food, natural wonders and the kindness and humbleness of the people. I think Philippines is definitely the top of the list.

Who inspires you?

Tash: I’m so so inspired by the strong, creative and conscious community I have around me. Everyone is so driven to not only fulfil themselves with purpose, but also make this world a better place. Having a community that will motivate and accept you is so important.

Favourite people to follow on IG?

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Tash: I’m not a huge Instagram “follower”, I mostly use Instagram for work and try to set healthy boundaries while using it. I mainly follow people who help foster positive interactions with their communities, as well as promote powerful and educational messaging.

Right now I love:

And of course I’m glued to @stephclairesmith’s baby journey.

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Tash: I always feel revitalised and restored by the ocean, so probably most excited to fit in more swims.

Any playlist suggestions?

Tash: Hahaha I’m a little bit of a Spotify playlist fanatic, I don’t really listen to anyone else’s playlists other than my own. I’m always creating new playlists for different vibes or adding new tracks to my existing playlists.

Find Tash on IG: @tashgalgut
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