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Sunday with Tilly

Sunday with Tilly

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One of the OG’s of the SODA Family, our girl Tilly Jac Smith has a very special place in all of our hearts. Tilly met Steph in NYC while they were both over there working and has been a friend of the brand ever since. She’s a frequent face in our campaigns and always the queen of an evening cheese platter.

You’re part of the SODA family whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the lens making the day run smoothly. Where do you feel most at home?

Ahh honestly, with the SODA fam it all feels equally at home, even if I’m just there for a catch up and a cuddle. Although I do in fact get shooting fomo and always end up capturing content either way. For example, on the recently Young, Wild & Free campaign, Gee, Nedyo and I got up before the sun and went on a little morning mission. I love spontaneous shoots like this!

My favourite SODA moments are the spontaneous 6AM call times, chasing the sunrise to find the golden light. These are some of my favourite shots.

You’ve modelled half your life, how do you feel helping young models on the set of SODA shoots?

It’s a step into something that I’m very passionate about, as I know what it’s like in front of the camera and the things that make me feel comfortable and confident. The recent By The Bay campaign was such an uplifting few days making sure the girls felt beautiful. I think as a model, having people in your life that accept and adore you is the key to a healthy mentality around an industry that is stereotyped to be quite harsh. It was so important to me to make sure they left our SODA shoot feeling vibrant and having a lasting addiction to the SODA family.

Do you have any cool facts about yourself or anything in particular you’d like mentioned?

Haha, well if we’re talking about our trip then being at the Farm with the boys meant I needed to play my first game of golf while drinking a beer. Extremely shocked, but I’m into it.

Do you have an epic playlist you’ve made which sums you up?

I love so many different types of music, and listen to them according to the mood I’m in or the activity I’m doing. Ruel is a favourite at the moment though.

What are your favourite pair of SODA’s?

Gold Montanas are my absolute favourites.. Until I met Hailey.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

People that have stayed optimistic through these past few months – altering their perspectives and mindsets and adjusting to the changes that are continuing to happen.

Name a go-to Sunday Activity for you?

We have a new found love for tennis, I actually just bought Sam and I rackets and we have full intentions of playing more! Otherwise it’s something creative like painting, writing, or shooting. I also hate missing a sunset…

Next place you can’t wait to take SODA?

Baby roadtrips all over NSW. As borders are shut, there is so much opportunity here for domestic travel. There are so many gorgeous airbnb’s popping up all over NSW in hidden, underrated places. Sam & I love nothing more than packing up the car and seeing new views through our SODA’s. It’s where our relationship started and we spend most of our time talking about our ‘Where to next list’. Let’s tick a few off ?

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The last time you thought I’d love to shoot that?

In water/underwater content but in looks you wouldn’t swim in. Not very convenient but I love the idea of it. Very much vibing it lately.

The last time you thought I’d love to shoot there?

Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. I’ve been thinking about it so much lately and it just keeps popping up. I need to visit! I need to travel and shoot more in Australia. There are so many amazing destinations here and I think we all need to make the most of where we live.

Hopes for the year?

I think I am just so excited to start working again with the brands I love. I miss my job!

We have so many exciting plans in the pipeline and I’m already craving summer!

Find Tilly on IG: @tillyjacsmith

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