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Sundays with Ella

Sundays with Ella

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Also known as Hailey in our latest campaign, we’re very excited to introduce you to Ella. We were lucky enough to spend the whole weekend with Ella on set of our latest campaign to launch Hailey & Sonny.

Ella is a country girl herself so the storyboard came very naturally to her and played right into her strengths and interests lying so heavily in cinema. We’re very excited for our SODA family to get to know Ella a bit more.

You recently joined the SODA family on the latest Young, Wild & Free campaign. How did you find the shoot?  

I LOVED working with the SODA family! Everyone involved in the crew was super caring and sweet, which made the campaign incredibly fun and memorable! Easily the best shoot I’ve ever been apart of ❤️

Do you have any cool facts about yourself or anything in particular you’d like mentioned?

I wouldn’t personally say I have any cool facts about myself, however, I have a major passion in filmmaking and the whole production of cinema. I find it super fascinating to see all the elements of cinema come together!

Do you have a epic playlist you’ve made which sums you up?

I am more of an album person personally, rather than playlists. However, my music taste varies from Hard rock to Alternative, to Hip/Hop/Rap. It depends what mood I’m in ?

What are your favourite pair of SODA’s?

My favourite pair of SODA’s I wore were the white Hailey’s. I loved the pop of white on the outfits I wore during the campaign.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

In the modelling world, my biggest role model is Adriana Lima. I look up to her as she stays true to her morals and is super down to earth. Whereas, in my other passions, especially cinema, Quentin Tarantino would be my role model. I absolutely adore his work and I think he has incredible talent! ?

Name a go-to Sunday activity for you?

My go-to Sunday activity would be going for a walk in the park with my dog! I find it’s an excellent way to refresh myself after a busy weekend and allows some time for myself to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Instagram feeds you love right now?

Instagram feeds I love right now are @filmthusiast, who are always posting about movies and anything related to cinema! And @rocknrroll, I love seeing videos and photos of my favourite musicians/bands. ?

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The last time you thought I’d love to shoot that?

Can’t remember, if I’m being honest. Whoops. Because of COVID-19, work has been on pause. However, after getting confirmed for the SODA campaign I’ve been super excited to get back into the swing of things. And, shooting for SODA has been an absolute dream of mine! So thankful for the opportunity ?

The last time you thought I’d love to shoot there?

A dream of mine has always been shooting overseas, especially in Paris! Cliche, I know. But, it would be absolutely incredible to shoot in one of the major fashion capitals! ??

The last time you thought I’d love to shoot with?

No one/nothing in particular to be honest! I’m grateful for every opportunity I get and I’m so incredibly appreciative for everyone I’ve met and worked with so far. ?

Find Ella on IG: @ellamcinness

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