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The Vinyl Countdown, Anderson.Paak – Ventura

The Vinyl Countdown, Anderson.Paak – Ventura

The revival of interest in vinyl music has hit the team of SODA Shades. 

The Vinyl Countdown is a series where we want to share our love for music and get to showcase albums of many genres ~ chosen and reviewed by our team. It’s a place to be creative. It’s a place we can experiment and most importantly it’s a place we can all have fun. 

We want to introduce you to Sam Evans ~ 3/3 members of the team that will be running you through all their favourite vinyls. 

By: Sam Evans / December 1 2020

What were your first impressions, did anything stand out to you? 

From the moment I opened this record, I felt an immediate sense of history. I think this album captures Anderson.Paak perfectly for the exact moment in time it was created. On the inside face of the cover, is a handwritten note from Anderson thanking his contributors, accompanied by images from his journey, with faces like Dr.Dre, Mac Miller and Andre3000 to name a few.

The biggest stand out for me when reading this, was that Dr. Dre was the executive producer on the album and mixed every song. If you’re familiar with Dr. Dre’s work, he is a true sonic master and anything he touches turns to gold. His nostalgic basslines and hypnotic beats make anything he works on bounce around in your head for days.

When looking through the track list, I am only familiar with one particular track Jet Black, an upbeat, feel good track that has been on my daily play for a while now. So if that’s anything to go off, I’m in for a treat.

Who do you think chose this album for you and why?

I’ve played Josh a few of Anderson’s other tracks in the car in the past, and we’ve had many groove sessions to his beats, so there is definitely a connection there.

What song got you most excited and why?

Even though I’ve heard Jet Black many times before, there’s something about how it’s built up that makes me want to be on a dance floor surrounded by friends drinking cocktails. Again, the bassline is irresistible and is sure to leave you bobbing your head like you’re in a hiphop music video from the 90’s.

Also, Make It Better, which features Smokey Robinson, just oozes nostalgia with beautiful string samples and a clean backing track. A delicate and refined track to really flex Andersons versatility as a Hip-Hop artist.

What is the perfect setting to listen to this album?

The record as a whole carries a fairly high and upbeat energy throughout its entirety, so I’d recommend throwing this on to accompany some pre-drinks before heading for a night out. Since receiving it from Josh, I have also cleaned my apartment to it, great vibe.

Who would you recommend this to?

Anyone who is familiar with Dr.Dre, Mac Miller or Anderson, or even anyone who appreciates a well produced album will LOVE this. It’s production quality is second to none and a true masterpiece.

What does this record remind you of?

I heard Anderson.Paak for the very first time when he featured on Mac Miller’s tune Dang when I working in London. Anderson’s fun and light hearted lyrics combined with his tight flow instantly grabbed my attention and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Hearing this album just cemented for me why he is one of the best Hip Hop artists to watch in the coming decade.

What price was the Vinyl? Do you think it’s good value?

This Vinyl came in at $47.99 from JB-HI-FI. An 11 track album, pretty fair value.

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