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The Vinyl Countdown, Leon Bridges – Coming Home

The Vinyl Countdown, Leon Bridges – Coming Home

The revival of interest in vinyl music has hit the team of SODA Shades. 

The Vinyl Countdown is a series where we want to share our love for music and get to showcase albums of many genres ~ chosen and reviewed by our team. It’s a place to be creative. It’s a place we can experiment and most importantly it’s a place we can all have fun. 

We want to introduce you to Josh Miller ~ 1/3 members of the team that will be running you through all their favourite vinyls. 

By: Josh Miller  / December 1 2020 

What were your first impressions, did anything stand out to you? 

The second the opening track Coming Home comes on you just know that you are in for a real treat. This album was realised in 2015 but it instantly takes you back to place which feels a lot older. I imagine sitting in a New York bar and having Leon standing by a mic jamming out.

Who do you think chose this album for you and why?

I think Ethan chose this album for me. The reason I think that is because he knows I like timeless vinyls. I think this one 100% ticks that box.

What song got you most excited and why?


This is undoubtedly Leon’s most popular and successful song. I love this track. It makes an appearance in a few of my spotty playlists.

What is the perfect setting to listen to this album?

This is the perfect vinyl for just a real easy listening afternoon. Think having your laptop on the outside table in spring working away in the sun. It’s not distracting, just really enjoyable.

Who would you recommend this to?

This vinyl would be suited to many people. If you’re like me and like vinyls that you just put on and enjoy the sound, as a nice background soundtrack to your day, then this is perfect. Leon’s incredible soul voice and minimal band is the dream.

What does this record remind you of?

I’m not sure why but every time I hear Leon sing I just think of old bars in New York. I can’t get out of my head just sitting back in an old red swayed arm chair enjoying an old fashion listing to a soul or jazz band.

What price was the Vinyl? Do you think it’s good value?

This Vinyl came in at $45.00. This album only has 10 tracks, 5 each side.

The internal sleeve has a beautiful black and white image of Leon playing a guitar on the front. The back has song credits for all 10 tracks. It also has a length letter from Leon thanking everyone involved in producing the album. Over all great presented album and instal content.

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