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The Vinyl Countdown, Our Love – Caribou

The Vinyl Countdown, Our Love – Caribou

The revival of interest in vinyl music has hit the team of SODA Shades. 

The Vinyl Countdown is a series where we want to share our love for music and get to showcase albums of many genres ~ chosen and reviewed by our team. It’s a place to be creative. It’s a place we can experiment and most importantly it’s a place we can all have fun. 

We want to introduce you to Sam Evans ~ 3/3 members of the team that will be running you through all their favourite vinyls. 

By: Sam Evans / December 1 2020

What were your first impressions, did anything stand out to you? 

I only really knew their song Can’t Do Without You, a slow burning summer tune, and I was pleasantly surprised that the rest of the album had a similar strength.

Who do you think chose this album for you and why?

1000% Ethan, I know that E loves his experimental electronic music, and this is everything and more.

What song got you most excited and why?

Can’t Do Without You has such a cruisy laid back vibe to it, instantly sets me in a chill mood and I love it!

What is the perfect setting to listen to this album?

This album is definitely more of a chill background music vibe. Whether that be turned down low whilst on a road trip chatting with friends, or mellow in the background whilst cooking dinner.

Who would you recommend this to?

Anyone who loves abstract/experimental electronic music, it’s a real journey album. Their sound is a mix between Bon Iver and Flight Facilities.

What does this record remind you of?

This record reminds me of driving down to the beach on a scorching on summer day in 2013. Can’t Do Without You was a huge tune at the time and Triple J was smashing it hard!

What price was the Vinyl? Do you think it’s good value?

$32.99 – Considering it’s a non-mainstream album, I think it’s priced fairly.

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